Coxsackie Antique Center

Where Yesterday Meets Tomorrow

We're on the road to Everywhere!

And we're The Best Rest Stop on the whole darned Thruway!

  • Good Food!
  • Cheap Gas!
  • Clean Rest Rooms!
  • ATM
  • Grocery Store
  • Gift Shop

    Other Area Businesses

  • Pharmacy
  • FAX
  • Photocopying
  • Planning an antiques safari to Brimfield? Stormville? Bouckville? Planning a vacation in Boston? Buffalo? Montreal? New York? Well we're probably right on your way! We're 15 minutes south of Albany at Thruway exit 21B. If you pass down the Thruway between Albany and New York, you'll drive right past us. And we're the best rest stop along the entire Thruway.

    We're easy to find, just two miles south of Exit 21B. And right at our intersection, we've got good food, cheap gas, two ATMs, a grocery store, a gift shop, a pharmacy, and clean rest rooms all without the crowds, the dirt, and the extortionate prices. And we can even send your fax or make you some photocopies!

    If you like family food, we've got Sharon's across the street; It's About Time across the intersection; and The Quarry Steakhouse just up the road. Want something a little more formal? Try Reed's Landing down by the river. Italian? Try Paul's. Chinese? Try the Dragon Garden. Seafood? Try Red's Lobster House just up the road.

    And, of course, we've got the friendly staff of Coxsackie Antique Center to help you find that marvelous treasure you didn't even realize you were looking for.

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