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A Fable of Entreprenuria

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was an antique dealer named Mary Toolow who was very successful. Customers spent a lot of time in her booth. Other dealers from the same center spent a lot of time in her booth. Some of the other dealers would congregate in her booth and snickered a little to each other and pick up some widget she'd just brought ten minutes earlier and say "Boy, she's marked this way too low! She must not know how much it's worth!" And then they'd buy the widget and take it off to some other center and put it out for twice the price. (and they'd sell it for twice the price, too! ... six months later.) Sometimes, in fact, even Mary thought, "Boy, I must have priced that too cheap!"

But the customers kept coming back and they kept spending more and more time in her booth and they kept buying more and more of her merchandise. And when all was tallied up at the end of each payout, Mary, the dealer with the too low prices always had the highest sales totals.

MORAL: Better a quick nickel than a slow dime!

It may well be that Mary sold a $20 item for $9. But she probably paid $5 for it and she made her profit. Now she can bring in another item and put it in the same spot. She can do that a dozen times and make a dozen $4 profits in the six months it takes the next dealer squeeze another $10 out of the widget. And customers remember where they found the bargains. They pass quickly through some booths and then linger (and buy) in others.

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