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Estate Sales And Other Scams

Many people like to buy at Estate Sales because they think they're getting "house fresh" merch with a proven age and provenance. Well it ain't necessarily so.

A family came into the Center and got quite excited about our Repro exhibit. They said that they'd recently had a relative die and leave a large antique laden house and estate. They scheduled an Estate Sale. One of other relatives from Georgia asked if he could bring some things up to sell at the estate sale. They said "sure." He showed up with a truck full of fakes! They were upset but they didn't feel that they could tell Cousin Billy Bob that he couldn't sell the junk. So he stuffed the house with counterfeits, all gussied up to look old just like the good stuff, and priced it as old! There will be plenty of disgruntled customers and it ain't Billy Bob that will have to deal with them.

This is also a routine practice at estate auctions. I recently previewed an estate auction at an old farm house where everything was attributed to the estate. The auctioneers were selling some five foot tall chandeliers. If they'd hung them on the ceiling of this particular estate house, you'd have had to crawl under them on your hands and knees!

Someone recently brought some Liberty Blue china into the store to sell. They described it as historical Staffordshire. They assured us it had belonged to their great grandmother. We suppose that's possible. She might have been alive in 1976 when the pattern was issued by the Grand Union.

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