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New Building; More Antiques at Coxsackie

Coxsackie Antique Center announces plans for construction of new facility

Exciting news! Coxsackie Antique Center is about to get even bigger and better! We just purchased a three acre piece of land on Rt 9W just south of where it crosses the Thruway. The new store will be located about 1 mile north of our current store and about 1 mile south of Thruway exit 21B. The site is visible from both Rt 9W and the Thruway. We have the loan approval from the bank and the site plan approval from the New Baltimore Town Planning Board! The contractor broke ground July 12th!

The main sales area at the new Center will be a large open hall about 15,000 square feet in size. It will hold about 100 floor dealers plus additional case dealers. The center will have wide aisles, plenty of light, air conditioning, and a comfortable lounge area. The sales floor will be on one level - without cracks, bumps, or uneven cement between rooms! The sales desk will be large and fully equipped to process your purchases FAST! A broad covered portico at the main entrance will allow passengers to disembark without having to make a mad dash through a monsoon. Attractive landscaping will help to make the building attractive and interesting, inside and out.

We will be expanding our Book Gallery to include more books and more book dealers. Books are among our most successful lines at the current center and they will be even stronger at the new center!

In the spacious Community Gallery we will be able to present specialty antique shows such as book shows, glass shows, postcard shows, bottle shows, Quilt shows, etc. etc. etc. We will be able to present programs on local history, art exhibits by local artists, perhaps even small classical music concerts or community players theatrical productions. We expect the Gallery to be a great magnet for introducing new people to the center.

We will also be greatly expanding our antiques community support activities. The new center will have a greatly enlarged Reference Library for use by our dealers and customers. We will present educational exhibits on various fields of antiques. We will be able to present an expanded lecture series. We will serve you with greatly increased hours! - from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm every day! That will make it convenient for customers traveling along the Thruway.

We have a wonderful group of dealers and a marvelous group of regular customers. We are very anxious to continue to serve our current customers and dealers. At the same time, we are very determined to attract additional higher range antiques to the center to broaden our appeal to the entire range of antiques collectors. We will be working hard to accomplish that objective as this project develops.

We will carry out many different promotional activities in connection with the opening of the new store. As we prepare to move, we will have a "blow-out" clearance sale at the current store. At the new store, we will have a Grand Opening promotion.

For dealers, we will be providing a state of the art sales area and financial management system.. There will be a covered loading and unloading area with wheeled carts to bring you merchandise to your booth. The booths will be well lighted with electrical outlets. We'll have a cleaning room for dealers. And most important, we will NOT be increasing our fees! In fact, we'll extend our hours from our current jumble to a uniform 10am to 9pm seven days per week. Our dealers will be getting 50% more sales time for the same money!

Our target date for the move is October 2001. We'll be providing a truck and staff to assist the dealers in moving. We expect both stores to be open for about two weeks while we make the move, and we should be having some great clearance prices during that period. It should be a nearly painless transition for our dealers and a great opportunity for our customers! Some professional sceptics have said we can't do it that quickly but we don't believe 'em. Circle that month on your calendars and get ready to boogey!

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