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RRPCO And Roseville

How many of you have been sitting at an auction day-dreaming away the time between the lots you're really interested in when the auctioneer held up a piece of pottery, announced that it was Roseville, Ohio, and started to sell it for $10.00. No one else jumped on it so your arm involuntarily twitched upward and you ended up owning it for $22.50. When you got it and looked at the bottom, sure enough, it said "Roseville, Ohio"... But what was the R.R.P.C.O. mark? Hmmm.

What's happened is that you've fallen for one of the auctioneer's favorite tricks. You've got a piece of pottery made by the Robinson-Ransbottom Pottery Company of Roseville Ohio. (Roseville, incidently was made in Zanesville, Ohio, not Roseville.) RRPCO has been in business for many years producing, in past years, some very nice quality pieces that have been collectible.

It is still in business and is now producing a large number of items based on early pottery types and designs. They make many yellow ware bowls, white bowls with blue bands, spatterware bowls and pitchers, and jardinieres that look exactly like the earlier and very collectible items. They are found widely in gift shops.

RRPCO pieces are among the problems of the antiques business. Although they are clearly marked with the manufacturer, they are not dated, and their design makes it very easy to mistake the pieces for early items. Unless you are very certain that you have an early piece, you had best assume it is new.

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