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Soviet Union Items

We have to take slight exception to one ACRN article. They reported a flood of soviet era metals, military items, badges, toys, etc. and dismiss the items as "junk" and "trinkets." The items are authentic and fascinating pieces of history. ACRN's concern is that they are being hyped as rare. In most cases, millions of the items exist. So don't pay more than a few dollars for them.

Antique and Collectors Reproduction News is an essential tool for any serious antiques buyer. It monitors the marketplace for new counterfeit antiques and alerts its readers on a monthly basis. A single issue can easily save you hundreds of dollars. The subscription cost is $32 for 12 monthly issues. Write to

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We have a complete set of this publication at the Center in the reference library. Come and look it over, but then subscribe for yourself and give them the support they need to continue their good work.

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