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Counterfeits on the Internet

There are a number of Internet on-line auctions, such as the eBay auction site. These sites are a major avenue for peddling counterfeit antiques. Buyers should exercise extreme caution.

The on-line auction company provides the hardware and software to conduct the auction. The actual items being sold are provided by individuals who also provide the description. Bidders submit their bids through the on-line auction company but deal with the actual seller as to payment, shipping, guarantees, etc. Frequently, the sellers are able to cloak themselves behind nicknames and anonymous e-mail addresses. This is an open invitation to cheats and thieves - the definition of the repro industry.

We should say, right up front, that the auction companies are not at fault. They are providing an honest service and will even attempt to assist cheated customers to retrieve their money. And we should also say that vast majority of sellers and transactions on these services are legitimate and are completed to the satisfaction of both parties. We don't intend by this alert to scare anyone away from these services. (Though they should, of course, buy at Coxsackie Antique Center and from our web site, instead.)

If you are considering buying through an on-line auction, you should take several precautions.

In conclusion, on-line auctions offer a fun way to buy and sell. The overwhelming majority of transactions work out fine, but it only takes a few crooks and one expensive error to ruin it.

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