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Color Copiers and Scanners

The technology of color scanners and copiers today makes it possible to produce exact images of advertising cards, boxes, magazine covers, etc. etc. etc. This technology is both a boon to collectors and a threat. You can now order color photocopied boxes for you old toys, you can order replacement covers for your coverless magazines, you can get replacement pieces for jigsaw puzzels. Most collectors will be delighted at the chance to enhance their paper collectibles. Currently, these photocopied items do not pose a threat to collectors because, while the image is exact, the materials on which the image appears are clearly not old. Still, collectors must be aware of the existence of these items before they can watch out for them. Collectors will certainly be willing to pay an extra increment for the copied box, but they won't value it as the equivalent of the authentic box. As with other legitimte reproductions, the key is to mark and date the paper enhancement.

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