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The Hoax of Embellishment I

Here's another one to watch out for. A fellow came in the other day with a 1936 newspaper. It had a Certificate of Authenticity and it was enshrined in a very impressive gold embossed leatherette portfolio stamped with someone's name. I offered him $5.00 for it. He was incensed! It had a Certificate of Authenticity!!!! for heaven's sake! And look at the gold on this case! It has to be worth a lot of money!

Wrong! It was a nondescript newspaper in not very good condition with no interesting headlines. It wasn't worth more than a couple dollars and I was being generous. Some clever entrepreneur had bought a long run of bound newspapers, broken them up, and advertised "a Fantastic Gift - Buy her a newspaper from the day she was born! This rare heirloom can be yours for only $79.95! Complete with Certificate of Authenticity and personalized portfolio case." What a deal! And not a bad birthday gift either, except that you could probably have gotten the same thing from your friendly local ephemerist for $5.00 including the certificate of authenticity! and a nice plastic sleeve with a backer board. (We have at the Center, incidently, many magazines from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and might very well be able to produce the right month if you're interested.)

Moral: Don't be dazzled by the wrapping!

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