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Repro Exhibit

We have on permanent exhibit at the Center, a display of reproduction and counterfeit antiques.

We have a beautiful Tiffany-like art glass vase actually signed with a counterfeit Louis Comfort Tiffany signature.

We have a beautiful Galle-like vase, also signed Galle. A great many of the counterfeit antiques flooding this country originate in Eastern Europe. The fake galle has been coming from Rumania. Because the French Government, unlike the American Government, does not tolerate counterfeiting antiques (at least not famous French ones) it took the Rumanian counterfeiters to court to force them to mark the pieces to distinquish them from authentic Galle. This piece contains the word "Tip" - the Rumania word for "type", Many earlier pieces without the "tip" warning are already circulating in the United States, however.

We also have fake flow blue, fake chinese import ironstone, fake majolica, and fake "hand painted nippon" that is neither hand painted nor nippon, and a fake brass RR spittoon.

In addition, we have a complete run of Antique and Collectors Reproduction News, an invaluable resource for protecting yourself from the scumbags that are perpetrating these counterfeits.

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