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A Tale of Two Cradles

Examine the cradles

We've got, at Coxsackie Antique Center, an attractive looking baby cradle. It's made of pine and has a nice rich golden color. It would be a great piece for displaying a nice doll collection. Only problem is... it's a fake, probably made in the 1960s or 1970s. It was sold recently as old at another local antique center for over $150. At Coxsackie we don't have a price on it. It's a keystone exhibit on how to recognize faked furniture.

We've also got a wonderful 19th century pine cradle with hand dovetailed joinery, wonderful curved sides and ends, a great patina, and square nails. This one is as pure as can be (and is priced at $295 - a real bargain.) The fact that the first cradle was priced at $150 is a strong clue that the dealer knew what they were selling.

The two pieces illustrate very nicely many of the principals you can use in judging the age of furniture and in recognizing modern attempts to fake old furniture.

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