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We were at the State Museum Gift Shop and found a wonderful Roycroft coffee mug. My first reaction was to swoop it up before the next guy could grab it. Then I realized that there were ten of them, all lined up in a neat little row! As I struggled to get all of them into my grasp in one swoop, I rememebered where I was and and thought "That's an odd thing for them to have here..." I put them down and looked more carefully. They had the Roycroft mark on them! I copied down the mark - then had to go home to look up the authentic mark.


Roycroft Revival

What has happened is that a group of Roycroft enthusiasts has reopened the Roycroft campus in East Aurora, calling themselves the Roycroft Revival, and are producing new Roycroft items based on earlier designs. They've chosen a mark that is way TOO close to the original and will cause much trouble in future years. If they're proud of their work, why don't they date it!

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