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Bottles with Paper Labels

There are many paper labels floating around out there - for orange crates, soda bottles, drugs, liquor, perfume, foods, you name it. These are alleged to be warehouse finds. That means they are authentic and period but were buried in a warehouse somewhere and never used, so they are in mint condition. People are now taking cheap unmarked turn-of-the-century bottles that you can buy anywhere for a buck apiece and gluing a label on it. That turns it into a $20 or $30 bottle. Watch for labels that are in better condition than the bottle. If the label is mint, the bottle had better be mint too, with no stains or discoloring. Watch for the wrong shape or size. Labels were made for specific bottles and correspond to the shape of the bottle. If the label takes some odd turns as it wraps around the bottle, it's not right. And look at the style of the label compared to the bottle. We had a bottle at the center that was probably an old olive bottle. It had a cigar box label glued to it!

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