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Old Labels on New Cans

A variation on the bottle label trick is happening with old labels on new cans. Some company has gotten hold of a wharehouse find of authentic old but unused labels for everything from condensed milk to corn to string beans. The company ordered some new cans in the correct sizes and mounted the laels on them. The cans are already factory sealed. There is no way the cans can be mistaken for original period grocery store items becasue the cans are empty. We've seen them being sold as new and priced at $3.00. (We bought some, they're great!) But they are now appearing at auctions and and people are paying a lot of money for them, thinking they are old. Of course many of the auctioneers don't see any reason to set them straight on that. Before too many months, they will be appeariing with the tops cut out and with some rust and some minor damage to the labels. Then it will be much harder to recognize them as recent.

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